Sober Podcast 485 - Yes, But How? (Part 1)

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the kind of self-help book that i hate the most, is one filled with cliched truisms, with NO practical advice.

Like: "Negative thoughts destroy only myself."

Yes, but in the first 6 weeks sober, the addictive head is filled with distorted thinking, and so a lot of the negative thoughts are being caused BY wolfie. we can't even tell how negative we 'really are' until we're longer sober. In the first weeks, we can't talk about how to replace negative thoughts as a strategy if we didn't always talk about how to ACTUALLY be sober and how to maintain it.

(This podcast contains other 'truisms' followed by PRACTICAL things you can do. Like how do you respond when you read "You Got This!" on a sober blog, where the person who wrote it thinks it's encouragement.)

This podcast was originally recorded on January 6, 2020
in Paris, France :)
and wasn't released ... until now!!

It's a longer episode (nearly an hour) so i've split it into two parts.

huglets, me xo

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Sober Podcast 485 - Yes, But How? (Part 1)

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