Sober Podcast 484 - Is learning to be sober like learning to ski?

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Q1: Is being sober like learning a new skill, like learning to ski?

[me: Well, to be sober, you need to learn a new skill. So in that way it's the same. But booze is addictive, so it will hijack our thinking. But you know, when you learn to ski, you don't know how to do it in the beginning. And if you continue to fall over, you can change what you’re doing when you’re not getting the results that you want.]

Q2. Is there a positive aspect to a relapse?

[me: only in that relapse tells you that what you're doing is not enough.]

Q3: If you've spent some period of time sober, and then out of nowhere you want to drink, how do you counter the idea that you 'love being drunk but hate the consequences'?

[me: There are like 7 things I can tell from this question, including the fact that a relapse doesn't come out of nowhere ...]

Q4: Can you give me words of strength as I head into a big holiday...

[me: the short answer is: cancel things, err on the side of caution, and get enough sleep!]


This podcast was originally recorded on December 30, 2019
in Paris, France :)
and wasn't released ... until now!!

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Sober Podcast 484 - Is learning to be sober like learning to ski?

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