Sober Podcast 481 - Not That Bad

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Sober Podcast 481 - Not That Bad

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in this audio, i start out by saying: "i hope you can hear me.

because when you say 'i'm not as bad as them' ... that's actually a good place to be.

you're not as bad as them yet.


you can get support now and not end up there.

because they never intended to end up where they are.

they were where you are now, and they thought they could figure it out 'later' ...

but then years go by. and now it's later. and now it's harder. and now it's brutal. and then it's inpatient treatment. and maybe that doesn't work...

and you? you're listening to this audio today, and you're going to make changes starting today.

because what you do today affects what happens next.

many hugs, belle xo


recorded June 1, 2022 in Burlington, Vermont

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