Sober Podcast 331 - Why don’t I use my sober supports?

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In this podcast, I reply to a question submitted by Ultraviolet:

“Please can you consider doing a podcast or OMM on why it’s a bad idea to ignore the timers/alarms I set for myself (e.g. listen to an audio, have a high protein snack, email Belle, get a treat, etc., etc.). Because this is what I started doing! How stupid. Maybe other people don’t do this though…"

Now the short answer is: We drift from our supports because wolfie tells us that we don’t need them. 

 “I don’t need to email her, I don’t have to maintain my sobriety, I don't have time..."

The longer answer involves the fact that we have ego things, and ‘i’m too busy things’ and ‘i shouldn’t need this anymore’ things that keep us from maintaining something that is really important to us (being sober). 

Also, this audio was recorded in front of live audience in Burlington, Vermont on September 21, 2019 - so you'll hear some sober voices in addition to mine.

hugs, belle xo

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Sober Podcast 331 - Why don’t I use my sober supports?

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