Sober Podcast 328. Change Routine

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J. asked me to make up a personalized audio for her. Here's her question: 

"I became sober curious in March 2018. I have days where I drink and days that i don’t. I have noticed over the years my ability to moderate has become challenging. I’m tired of thinking I’ll have one glass of wine and then it’s 2-3. Something you said really struck me: alcohol is addictive. I know that should be obvious but for me it was like a lightening bolt went off. I used to think i lacked will power. That there had to be something I was feeling to make me want to drink when I don’t if that makes sense. I’m in this place now where I wake up everyday and feel sobriety is what’s best for me. I listen to sober podcasts go about my day like it's my last day 1 but yet at night i find myself having wine..."

So in my reply to her, I talk about willpower, and how to change what you're doing, how to deal with the dinner time routine, and how to manage transitions. 

hugs, belle xo


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Sober Podcast 328. Change Routine

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