Sober Podcast 327. Lonely. Alone.

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On September 7th, 2019, when I was in Montreal, i recorded a live podcast, and replied to this email:

"I notice how many (most?) of the fascinating emails you quote feature spouses, children, in-laws, work colleagues, etc. What about people who have none of those? I earn my living as an author, which, as you can imagine is very isolating work, and live alone. That was a major factor in my drinking, which nearly all happened alone at home. There were almost no dramas or embarrassments. Friends didn’t even notice the problem until I told them. I am loving my sobriety and am slowly building up my confidence to start dating, which, at 53, takes some nerve! Wishing you well from London. David, Day 98"

I talk about rock climbing, waiting and HOPING that someone comes to our door to solve our loneliness, and how booze naturally isolates us (and how to counteract that).

i've attached the unedited version, too, which includes some of the behind the scenes stuff with the guests in attendance. 

hugs, me xo

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Sober Podcast 327. Lonely. Alone.

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