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Sober Podcast 321 - My Interview with Peter King

I was a guest on Peter King's podcast, "The PK Experience," where he interviews 'impact players' (!). I talk about 'Fucking Sheila in accounting' ... Recorded July 18, 2019.

Feedback from listeners:

K: "It’s about YOU being proud of you ... You are driving the car of your own life ... Fucking Sheila in accounting ..."

thompsongirl: "Great interview, best I’ve heard yet. 'Fucking Sheila!!' (never gets old). One fave bit of aha: I like the part about going from A to Z but people just need to get to B. You work with people going from 0-1. Great interview. Love the reflexive part :)"

BelayOn: "Nice interview. I am sure an eye-opener for many struggling people out there. I am always amazed that I think I have heard just about every iteration of your ideas then there will be the one, “oh my god, that’s it." Great insight into why no drinking is easier than moderation. You said something along the lines of how do you moderate a substance that you are addicted to? Had not thought of it that way. Hearing that gave me a huge sense of relief. It isn’t because I’m not disciplined. It is because I am addicted. Well, shit that makes sense. Thanks."

Jim: "The bumper sticker [from this podcast below] is: "FUCKIN' SHEILA!!""

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hugs, belle xo

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Sober Podcast 321 - My Interview with Peter King

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