Podcast Bundle 224-230

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This bundle contains:

  • SP224 - Hope (can hope be taught, how do you find a path when you can't see it)
  • SP225 - Behind the Scenes - Explaining Sober Fiction (a private conversation between me and my book editor about the role of sober fiction)
  • SP226 - Lindsay Lohan (Oprah made a documentary show about LL when she got out of rehab)
  • SP227 - Got Money Got Sober (we tend to think that other people don't have problems)
  • SP228 - My Situation is Different (when we think that it's harder for us to be sober than for other people)
  • SP229 - I Wish I Could Fly (distorted thinking, delusions, and how hard it is to talk someone off a ledge when they believe they can fly)
  • SP230 - Temptation (how do we resist the temptation to drink, to do too much, to stay up too late)

(price of audios if purchased separately: $35; so you save a whopping $14 when you get the bundle. like, how can you go wrong?)

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