"Sobriety is boring; I miss the chaos" Bundle

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Email from NMD: "I think maybe the booze was such a roller coaster and sobriety is more even, and I'm not used to the flatline style. All or nothing, that's me. I don't do middle ground too well."

me: It takes some time to get used to the calm that is sober. it's not boring, it's lack of chaos. you aren't used to a lack of chaos ... if you want some chaos, then repaint your bedroom. (this reminds me of a podcast on this subject SP186 and SP125 + SP126 on novelty and the one about lulls in sobriety: SP011 Lullabye. need a bundle? :)

NMD: "OK! Bundle please."


>> BUNDLE INCLUDES  4 full length podcasts:

     SP186 - Keep it Exciting (sometimes sobriety feels boring, here's what you can do to help)

     SP125 + SP126 - Novelty and Structure Parts 1 + 2 (we need novelty when we're 'bored' and sober; here's how to get it)

     SP011 - Lullabye (how to deal with a non-exciting patch - a lull - in sobriety)

>> and two one minute messages:

     OMM073 Excitement

     OMM240 Slow Spot

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"Sobriety is boring; I miss the chaos" Bundle

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