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Flyaway asks: "I want to do it, but it's pissing me off. It makes me feel very agitated. I sat with it a bit and the craving stopped. What is that all about? Do you have any audios about this?"

me: sometimes the thing we 'yearn' for isn't in the thing. like wanting chicken potpie, and really really wanting it like a teenager wants a movie star, and then getting it, and being like ... hmm. not good. I have some audios about yearning, and about 'the thing not being in the thing.' and temper tantrums ...


SP031 - Post Goal Letdown

This audio has the camping analogy in it: "that longing feeling which I equate with being 13 years old and having a feeling of being homesick when you're at camp. But I want it, but I really want it, why can't I have it, I just want to go home. That feeling? The problem is that if you actually drink when you have that feeling, you find out that that feeling was not for alcohol. It’s for something else."

SP140 - Longing

Audio about longing, and alcohol, and how our brains trick us with fantasy stories

Sober Rescue Audio #4 - The Straw of Support

Imagine you’re standing on a street corner with a five year old whose pitching an absolute temper tantrum about some perceived slight. They want a donut, they can’t have a donut. Screaming. And you say, "come on now it’s going to be OK." You try to distract them. It doesn’t work. The kid’s still screaming. What do you do with the kid on the street who's screaming? What do you do in every other situation in your life when you come across a problem that can’t be solved with the first tool that you reach for? You reach for a different tool. So, the kid on the corner, you tried distraction, that didn’t work. So then you try humour. You make some kind of a joke. Scream like they’re screaming. You point out something in a store window that’s hilarious. In sobriety, you add a different tool. You do more things. You reach out and accept that there’s support available for you. But if you look at the screaming child, you wouldn’t just keep doing the same thing. In fact, you would frantically go through every bloody tool in your toolbox to get that child to quit screaming.


omm236.ode.to.red.wine > This OMM mentions the child having a temper tantrum. this audio is from month #2 of my blog, day 49 and i was having a particularly crap day.


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