Sober Podcasts for "Feeling Better"

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This bundle of 4 archived podcasts are all about feeling better ...

Sober Podcast 017 - Sleep & Changing the Channel
Learning how to change the channel in our heads, and I make a long list of things we can do to make ourselves feel better. There are 35+ things on my personal list. 

Sober Podcast 023 - Choose Focus
What you focus on changes who you are...

Sober Podcast 035 - Everything Else is Wolfie
Any voice that you hear in your head is NOT saying "take good care of you" is wolfie.

Sober Podcast 093 - Death By Escalator 
If you worry about future events like imaginary vacations you might take in Italy one day, then this audio is for you. Wolfie does love to wind us up about the idea of drinking in the future. Even if the future is weeks away.

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Sober Podcasts for "Feeling Better"

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