Sober Podcast 336 - Away From Home (sober travelling)

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Can you be sober when you’re away from home, out of your regular routines, away from your partner who perhaps is aware and supportive of your sobriety? What happens when you’re alone, out of the house, and in N’s case, she’s travelling across the OCEAN for work for a couple of months, and wonders how she’ll be sober 'there'. 

Is ‘there’ any different from here? Are there ways that ‘there’ might be BETTER than here? You know, like how when you’re on your own, you can have a bath before dinner, or eat frozen macaroni for 7 days in a row …

There’s something for you in this audio. Like maybe some back-patting that you’re doing a good thing :) Hooray for you :)

hugs, belle xo

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Sober Podcast 336 - Away From Home (sober travelling)

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