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Sober Podcast 320 - How to deal with an intense craving

When I asked for ideas of things to talk about, Liselotte sent me this:

"How do I deal with the moment when - despite all the tools at my disposal. and all the things my sensible head knows - when Wolfie rears his ugly head, and I am on automatic, and heading for the bottle shop - what is the single most effective thing I can do right at that moment to shut him the hell up? It’s that exact moment I keep getting derailed by. I know in theory what to do, pause, HALT, do something else, call someone ... breathe, go for a walk. So lots of ideas but when wolfie is in charge I can’t even remember them. That’s my question. Hugs to you oh fabulous one (this is a reference to one of the Just So stories by Rudyard Kipling). ox"

OK, so i began to reply to this in an audio, and then I realized that this was an entire podcast episode. How to deal with a '9 out of 10' craving, what is the 'one single thing' you can do.

My reply will either seem refreshing or will make you mad. and if it makes you mad, I'll tell you what THAT means... have a listen.

hugs, belle xo

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Sober Podcast 320 - How to deal with an intense craving

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