Sober Podcast 276 - Q&A (how to talk to friends & the sober chick inside of you)

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What do you say to your friend who asks about how you quit drinking? Is this a wolfie-type person trying to wind you up? Or are they genuinely interested for themselves or for someone in their family?

I walk through, step-by-step, how to decide what you should say, and when. I use this same strategy when I’m talking about my job, too. I base what I say on what the other person says. This is perhaps a podcast about how to listen and how to hear what someone is really saying, when they ask questions. It’s sort of like talking about ‘where babies come from’ when a 7 year old asks you.


In the second half of the podcast, I revisit the idea of having a little sober chick inside of us, that we need to protect from traffic. That little baby chick is walking around in the grass beside a very large alcohol superhighway, and we have to protect this little fragile superhero chick, and how to use guidance and taking direction. How do you prevent chick-squishing? Listen to this section, because this is your job :)

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