Sober Podcast 274 - Advice

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We sometimes ask for advice or support, but we don't give the other person the whole story. And we have a wolfie voice that will change the story to protect us from the part of the story that's our shit ... AND will make drinking seem like a good idea.

How important is it to feel heard? It's large. How important is it for you to own the parts of the story that are your shit? Largely important. 

Do you have some people you can share things with? Yes? But do you tell your therapist about your drinking? And do you tell your marriage counsellor the part of the problem that's you?

Question: Is there a time when you've asked for advice but you've left out a large part of the story what would have been helpful? Have you asked someone who's not a sober support to understand what it's like to be sober?

I want this!
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