Sober Podcast 119 - Ranty Belle (Part 2)

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I started off sweetly enough. Talking about why we need to have a new 'off' button once booze is removed.

Then the sweetness turned into ranting. I say things like "I Call Bullshit" and "Not Possible." This is the first time this has happened (ranting on a podcast, I mean). It's either motivating or scary. Not sure.

Again, this audio was recorded in front of a live audience. So it's longer than usual. Since it was running over half an hour, I've split it into two parts. Here's part 2.


Comments from the chat:

Taylor: "Love the ranting, it helps me remember to stay passionate about getting sober and not get complacent. Keep it up."

GloMix: "We all rant in our heads about booze, so it's great to hear it coming from you. It's positive to get it out there."

redhookgal: "The ranting puts my shit in perspective. thanks!"

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Sober Podcast 119 - Ranty Belle (Part 2)

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