Sober Jumpstart - All The Things

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These supports are included for you:

  • ​A sober penpal for a year (Apprentice Elise, and me for clarification and cheerleading)
  • ​Seven audios covering 'how to be sober'
  • plus ​300 archived podcasts 
  • ​plus 4 personal one-on-one calls with me ​(you can use them every two weeks to begin, or spread them out, up to you; you can also add additional ones later)
  • ​​My book bundle (paperback, 6 hr audio & Kindle)
  • ​PDF collection of the first year of my blog
  • ​Audio library of 380+ One-Minute Messages
  • ​One-year podcast subscription for all NEW audios

Value if purchased separately: $6,500

Please Read This

Refund Policy

If for some reason you decide that this class and one-year-penpal support isn’t for you, then you cancel any time within the first 24 hrs after you sign up, and I will then refund your purchase 100% and turn off any payment plans.

This 24 hour window gives you time to listen to the Intro audio AND the audio for Lesson 1, AND to make contact with me to be penpals all before Lesson 2 is delivered.

​I cannot provide refunds or turn off payment plans​ after Lesson 2. ​

Also, please note. Being sober is hard. You will feel better with more support. Your head will say "this is all too hard" and you will sign up for the support and stick with it. ​Yes, even if you relapse. Even on hard days. You are paying for a year of support and I hold the space for you for the whole year, whether you use it or not (but you will!). You want more support. That's why you're here. Please don't panic and say "I can't be sober, I want a refund" because I will say no, and you'll think I'm being mean. But I'm here to support you. And hold the space for you. Because you want this.

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Sober Jumpstart - All The Things

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