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"Resentment" podcast bundle

The "Resentment" bundle includes 3 podcasts + 2 one minute messages

Sober Podcast 070 - Prickly
Do you get irritated when you offer to help someone and they ignore your genius ideas? I do. And do you (often/always) think the conversation is about you? yeah, me too. 

Sober Podcast 138 - May the Fork be With You (resentment)

Sometimes we choose to feel resentment. "Not me," you say. "I never do that." Really? Listen to this audio and then let me know. What's your thing - mine this week was the forks. What's yours? How does being resentful keep you from moving?

Sober Podcast 163 - Good Boundaries
This one talks about setting boundaries. Turns out, we care so much that other people like us, that we don’t care if we like ourselves… This audio talks about fences, gardens, and letting people walk around in your garden. (PS. Do you have a fence around your garden? do you enforce it or do you find people walking around in there, asking fore more stuff?)


omm020.boundaries > there may be crappy people around you, there is shit-pouring. you need an umbrella. how do you get one? [clearly this one needs a language warning]

omm199.stay.here > this is an emergency audio you can listen to when you’re irritated or annoyed. It’s a 2-minute timeout, to help refocus. to remind you that wolfie is an anus. 

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"Resentment" podcast bundle

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