One Minute Message 'Wallet' Cards (July - Dec 2019)

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July to December 2019

Every month for 6 months you'll get an envelope in the mail, and in that envelope will be two cards. Small messages (one-minute messages actually), transcribed, printed, and laminated. Just for you.

They will start here, in my office. I'll feed the envelops, one by one, through the printer, and then the stamps go on - the colourful french stamps - ask me to tell you about how i found these 18 year old stamps sometime!

And you? You'll get one envelope in the mail, every month, for 6 months. You can do the math, it's 6 x 2 cards = 12 cards. And I'll adjust the timing each month, so you won't know exactly when it's coming ...


refund: You pay once, then you get mail for 6 months. I can't issue refunds if you change your mind half-way and don't want them but I WILL donate your cards to someone else if you like.


limit: There is a limited number of envelopes i can process each month and so depending on how this goes, I may have to abruptly turn off the sales if the numbers are wacky large. 


no late joining: Once i start to mail these, I don't think i'll be able to add new people later. I'd be too confusing. everyone gets the same thing every month. which means we all start together. now. like today.


gift: Yes you can purchase these for someone else. Just fill in YOUR email address but THEIR mailing address.


Bonus for the first 200 people who sign up, i'll include a little additional photo in your envelope.

PAYPAL link if you prefer > here

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