"Pour Some Honey On Me" Bundle

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NMD: "Do you have any recommendations for audios on opposite ends of the spectrum, some *kick me up the ass* ones and some *pour honey on my brain, I need soothing* ones please?"


Here are the Pour Honey On Me ones :)

SP018 Chicken Little (the first 'little chick' audio)

SP114 Self-esteem

SP149 Self-Soothing

SP040 Cinnamon Toast

SP134 + SP135 Two-part Orchid and Dandelion

and the second 'little chick' audio SP019 Little Chick in the Grass


As well, I'll add in three one minute messages:

OMM015 Good Feeling

OMM024 Worth It

OMM035 Orchid

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"Pour Some Honey On Me" Bundle

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