Clean This House From the Inside Out [decluttering class]


There is something very soothing about a clean home. Windows free from grit. Fresh sheets on the bed. A fridge with all of the dead food removed.

Me, I’m a girl who likes a clean house. I say it all the time. Mostly I say it to my husband, so that he may be inspired to clean up the house for me. I’m sucky about doing it for myself.

For example, I have stupidly purchased a beautiful designer desk with a glass top (dumbness!). Dust. And fingerprints. And teacup rings. This glass desk really needs to be cleaned and windexed once a week. Argh.

It maybe it is part of my boozing, compulsive nature. But my heart really sings in a clean and ordered space. But as with my sobriety, I do much better with support. So why not create some decluttering and cleaning support?

“I do love this idea. When I was drinking, my life was messy and got more so as time went on. Messy both inside and out. I just didn’t care and the stuff piled up. Now I am on day 35 (woo-hoo!) and, to tell the truth, I don’t even know where to start with my clutter. I am interested in your class!” ~ Laurie

Class is delivered in 2 parts. Total of just over one hour of audio.


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Clean This House From the Inside Out [decluttering class]

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