French Anti-Wolfie mints (Les menthes anti-loupine)

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Dissolve one pill under your tongue as required. 

There's something really special and medicinal about getting a tin from France. It’s exotic. You love stuff with "made in France" written on it. There's some weird snob factor and caché. They're extra-special because they're from France. 

Anti-lupine tablets (French mints). One tin for the car, one for your bedside table. 


Dr. Anon (Day 313): "It just gave me the idea of taking more power, and how no matter what we do, we are doing an action that helps us. That’s the key. Doesn't really matter what the action is. If our mind thinks it's anti-wolfie, that's enough. It can be a sugar mint with special Belle powers (you can bless them or sprinkle Belle holy water like the pope!)." [she really is a doctor, and one of my penpals]

** do i need small print here? these are candies, mints. they're important because we make them important. these are not FDA approved. will not cure anything, except boredom. and will make you feel less alone.

** each tin is 50g

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French Anti-Wolfie mints (Les menthes anti-loupine)

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